Official repository for the institution-wide policies and procedures of the University of Michigan, maintained to guide and direct the university community.

More about SPGs

About University policies

University policies (SPGs) set expectations for individual and organizational behavior for employees and departments, and apply to the entire institution. Take the time to discover what policies are relevant to your role. Learn more

Authority and delegations

All employees act on behalf of the university in different capacities; but certain decisions and commitments require proper delegation of authority to be official and binding. Explore existing authorizations for binding the university to external business agreements and learn how and when to delegate. Learn more…

Relationship between SPGs and other campus or local policy

University-wide policies (SPGs) apply to the whole institution, but every campus, school, college and department has unique needs and operations. Individual units may develop policies and procedures to suit their circumstances, provided they remain consistent with SPG requirements. See how the different levels of legal and policy requirements relate and interact…