Temporary Promotion/Salary Adjustment

Applies to: Regular staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
  1. Policy

    The operational needs of a unit may necessitate that an employee be assigned on a consistent, but temporary, basis to perform work that is characteristic of a higher level position. In that event, a temporary promotion and salary adjustment may be made under the following regulations. 

  2. Regulation and Definitions

    1. When employees perform a change in duties on a temporary basis for at least one pay period based on the employee’s pay frequency, they may receive additional compensation for the entire period of the assignment in the form of an administrative or added duties differential.  When appropriate title recognition of the added responsibility is necessary, or when the assignment is to be for a period of six (6) consecutive months or longer, a temporary change in classification for the entire period of the assignment may also be made.
    2. Temporary salary adjustments will be made in accordance with regular promotional increase guidelines. Such additional compensation and the resulting salary should be based upon a comparison of salaries of positions comparable to the more responsible position. The affected employee’s additional 
      compensation should end at the time of return to the position previously held or duties previously performed.
    3. An employee’s eligibility for regular merit increases will not be affected during periods of temporary promotion.
    4. Temporary promotions are generally expected to be in effect for less than one (1) year. Requests to exceed this period may be reviewed and endorsed by the appropriate University Human Resources Office prior to authorizing the extension.
    5. A temporary promotion or added duties differential should include a projected ending date based on the anticipated duration of the assignment.
    6. Temporary promotions of less than six (6) months in duration will not affect benefit and overtime eligibility or vacation accruals
Revision dated August 16, 2017, describes:
  • There is no longer a distinction between exempt employees receiving an administrative differential and non-exempt employees receiving an added duties differential;
  • The business reason for payment should be for a ‘change in duties’ on a temporary basis for at least one pay period based on employee’s pay frequency’ instead of 30 or 15 days, and 
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Date issued: 
December 1, 1990
Last updated: 
August 16, 2017
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August 16, 2021
Applies to: 
Regular staff with the exception of those represented by a bargaining unit
University Human Resources and the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Staff Human Resources